Newsletter from Lodwar - November 2004

Dear Brian,

Many and loving greetings to you all. As you've probably guessed, my communications via email continues to be a source of anxiety. I am sure there is a conspiracy in the IT world to test my staying power. I have to admit my spirit is definitely weakening. Perhaps when I wake in the morning I'll feel better about it all.

The good news is we have had some wonderful rain and, what is more, it is out of season, so someone is truly praying hard for us. The garden is looking a picture for this region and today we ate the first water melon from our garden. It was quite sweet too. Isn't that some wonderful progress?

I received the good news this week that the Australian Embassy in Nairobi has approved our proposal for funding the purchase of two water tanks. This will definitely be one less major recurring anxiety. It now requires my putting some pressure on the folks around here to do the necessary purchasing and construction of these tanks. So you see, once again, there is some progress. I just have to keep reminding myself.

Brian, please thank everyone for all they've done in the interests of the Turkana people. It certainly inspires me to keep going.

Shall close with heaps of love now. Remember me to our mutual friends there on the beautiful Nambucca. Blessings galore.




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