Eye Surgeons, Anzac Day and new Mercy Centre

11th May 2008

At present there are twelve Spanish eye surgeons working at the hospital here for a two weeks stint. Some have been coming for years. They service some of the out-stations in the district as well.

These medical Specialists are marvellous unassuming people. A simple cataract operation restores sight to seriously afflicted locals who may have been blind for years. Imagine the surprise and joy of the formerly blind people when they can suddenly see again. What blessings these good and generous people bring.

For the first time since being here in Kenya I was able to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Memorial cemetery in Nairobi. It was such a moving celebration. Dignitaries from a number of Embassies associated with Australia in the various wars were in attendance. I'll send you a copy of the Service for I know you would be interested.

On 20th June the Australian High Commissioner, HE Ms Lisa Filipetto, will come to Lodwar to officially open our new 'Mercy Centre'. I am praying it will be finished in time. The Australian High Commission provided the funding for this centre and the Irish 'Aid Link' provided the funding for our Crèche so God has been truly with us in it all. 

So my very dear friends know I love you and on this Pentecost Sunday I pray you receive every blessing you most desire. Keep us in your prayers for us here in Lodwar. There is the odd time when I feel a bit desperate but overall life and people are very kind and loving. A million thanks again.

Turkana Province




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