Minister Tesch takes Lodwar project under his patronage

Important German politician promises patronage and assistance

Herr Henry Tesch, Minister for Education in the north
German State of Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania

"I appeal to all the pupils in Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania to exercise solidarity with Africa, with the lives of children and young people, their pleasure and fears, their hopes and wishes,” announced Minister of Education Henry Tesch.

“A short time ago I invited the Abacus Society to come to the Ministry of Education. They used a photo exhibition to illustrate their activities in the education project “Computer School - Lodwar Kenya”. My colleagues and I were very impressed by this project,” the Minister added.

Since 2006 the Abacus Society has been working in one of the remotest areas in Kenya. They are striving to bridge the digital divide and to educate Kenyan youth through the installation of a computer lab and the training of local people in the remote district of Lodwar in Turkana Province.

Computer repairs in Lodwar computer facility

Students in St Monica's school in Lodwar

Minister Tesch said,” I have decided to take the “Lodwar Computer School” under my patronage and to be active on the project's behalf.”

Although there are a number of achievements to date their is a strong ongoing need for further support such as:-

Replacement of equipment with more energy efficient devices
Financing of the monthly satellite internet access fee
Funding the full-time employment of a computer technician
Installation of a generator or solar panels for reliable power
Increasing the skills of the lab's computer trainers
Training the local school teachers in basic computer skills

Minister Tesch continued,“I believe that despite many other problems in Lodwar, we can still provide valuable help in the training of Kenyan teachers and increasing the accessibility of information technology for the local people. I am sure that a joint project with schools in Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania is possible.”

“Besides many economic and environmental questions, I was particularly interested in aspects of Kenyan education policies. The Kenyan Minister of Education, Hon Prof. Samson Keyeo Ongeri, has invited me to Nairobi. He wishes to show me the current stage of development of the education system in an emergent country. In addition, it is his intention to demonstrate the significance of sustainable international initiatives. If I can harmonize this invitation with my other obligations, I would like to accept this invitation. It would also present me with a good opportunity to review the progress of the “Lodwar Computer School” project, talk to the people in charge and meet the local politicians,” the Minister concluded.




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