Postcard from Lodwar - January 2004 

Dearest Friends,

Wishing you a truly blessed 2004 filled with many precious moments.

As from 1st January we have a new name for our facility. It is now called "Bethany House" rather than the former name of "Diocesan Guest House". I have enclosed a few photos of staff members and some of their family. The only person missing is our Night Watchman.

The staff have improved in health (and everything else) since they have a job. The Night Watchman is still skin and bone however and I fear that he will stay that way. I try to feed him up but to no avail. He is only in his twenties but his wife has died leaving him with three small children.

Unfortunately I am not having much luck with my pumpkins or my fruit trees. There's no sign of any pumpkins on the vine and my paw paws and mangoes get to a certain stage and then just die. They do seem to make a valiant effort though.

We continue to pray for peace in the world. It's so tragic about Iran, not to mention other areas of unrest. We Australians are so incredibly blessed.

Much special love and thanks to you all and blessings galore.





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