Fantastic Fund Raising News

 Written in December 2008 

Dear Brian,
You are always asking for fresh news to put in the website and I thought you might like to use a few recent emails and other news items about some wonderful events which have brought us much needed financial support. I have provided the details below.

Lodwar Diocese
Turkana Province

Help from Spain.....

Dear Sister Yvonne:
We don’t know if you remember us. We are Javier and Sandra, the young couple that were in Bethany House for two weeks in July 2007. How are you?

We have lived important experiences lately. In the beginning of October we got married and now we are waiting for a baby. We hope that Sandra´s pregnancy will go on well.

We have not, anyway, forgotten Kenya. And specially, Lodwar and the project you let us participate in; the vulnerable children programme.

We recently sent you with Carlos a little sum of money we saved. We expect it was given to you safely Apart from that, Sandra takes part in a bigger association with other women called "Las Gildas", and they have collected a bigger sum, about 3,000 euros, which we will transfer to Lodwar in the near future after we receive the bank account information.

Lots of  love from Madrid, Spain,
Sandra and Javier Fresneda

Help from Australia....

Also Brian, two successful fund raisers were organized for our Vulnerable Children project while I was home on leave in Australia several months ago.. The Guest Speakers were Louise Barnard and myself at each of the two functions and I was bowled over by the generosity of all the people who attended. In total the two events raised around $10,000 Australian dollars and it is going to make SUCH a difference to what we can do for these especially disadvantaged children here in Lodwar.

There is never enough money to meet the incredible needs we face every day but the Lord seems to move people come to our aid in so many ways. Sometimes it's a cash donation of $100 or perhaps much more. Sometimes someone sends us some much needed equipment. Whether big or small, all  these generous contributions are immensely appreciated. It lifts our sometimes sagging spirits and it also makes a tremendous difference to the lives of the vulnerable children under our care.

Grafton fund raising lunch

Sister Yvonne and Louise Bernard at the Grafton fund raising lunch.

Mrs Ruth Bernard headed up a team of wonderfully energetic women who organized a 'Lodwar Long Lunch' in the old heritage listed Barn in Grafton NSW Australia. One of her friends writes for the Grafton newspaper. She had written an article in the "Examiner" newspaper prior to the event and I'm sure that helped a lot.

Incidentally, Ruth's daughter Louise has been here with me in Lodwar again over Christmas (her 4th visit to Lodwar!). Ruth's nursing experience is a huge help. And it is such a comfort to hear an Australian accent around the place in Bethany House whenever she visits.

Yamba fund raising event

Yamba supporters hear Sr. Yvonne and Louise Barnard's stories
about the Vulnerable Childrens' Program and life in Lodwar Kenya.

The second truly wonderful fund raising function was held at the Pacific Hotel on the coast in Yamba NSW Australia. The chief organizers were the hotel owners, Lindy and Jack McIntosh and . This too was an amazing success and people there are already planning for a repeat performance for next year.

The hotel generously donated the venue for the function as well as all the staff labour. In addition the hotel provided the food and drink on a highly subsidised basis in order to maximise the amount of donated funds which would end up aiding the Vulnerable Childrens Project here in Lodwar Kenya.

As well as direct cash donations we also received the gifts of many different products and services which were auctioned off during the function and these raised a considerable amount.

Love, Yvonne




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