A Letter from Lodwar in Turkana Province - Kenya

Dearest Brian & Lynn,

This is a special message to let you know what a source of blessing you have been for me and the people of Turkana through the creativity of the website you so generously set up for us. So very many good and unexpected things have resulted as a consequence of people viewing the site.

This very day I received an email from a couple in Texas. After finding the site the wife, Bobbie, emailed to say how delighted they were to see mention of Lodwar and Turkana. The husband Frank had worked here thirty years ago as a teacher through the Peace Corp. He actually knew some of the people on the screen. Consequently they have sent a sizeable donation to the Diocese towards the well-being of women and children here.

The niece of Veronica Laverty also came to visit after seeing the website. She had talked with many of her friends about it and they gave her donations to bring with her when she visited. The young woman's name is Louise Bernard. She intends getting in touch with you at some time in the future.

On the 18th Jan 2006 another Australian woman, Lyn Creber, is coming to work as a volunteer for about a year. I hope it is not too much of a culture shock for her! She is a young grandmother who has just sold her business in Yamba NSW. Says she has heaps of energy. I can hardly wait for her arrival in a few week's time.

Tomorrow a team of Christian Family Media is coming to look at the famine scene here. The Diocese has a very organised system of distributing relief food so this area has managed well compared to most other parts of Turkana. Things are still desperate though. It is now over six months since rain fell. In this intense heat you can imagine how dry and parched the earth becomes. I won't even mention my poor little vegetable garden!

I do pray for you both. I feel you understand and forgive my tardiness in not corresponding more frequently. Keep as well as you can and stay serene. That is the Pope's prayer for 2006.... that the world regains some of this lost serenity.

Much and very special love.

Bethany House
Diocese of Lodwar

Turkana Province




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