Newsletters from Lodwar in Turkana District of Kenya

July 2009 - Sister Yvonne receives visitors from USA, Bangladesh, Norway and Zimbabwe. 
June 2009 - Important German politician becomes a patron of the Lodwar Computer School project and promises ongoing support and assistance.
February 2009 - Brit and Jan Hartmann arrive from Germany for yet another visit.  For a third time they throw their energies into the Vulnerable Children's Program and computer education resources.
January 2009 - When a group of former Australian college students decided to organise a 40th anniversary reunion, nobody expected a connection with the Lodwar Diocese in Kenya.
December 2008 - Stories about recent successful fund raising activities in both Spain and Australia.
June 2008 - Australian High Commissioner Ms Lisa Filipetto opens the Lodwar Mercy Centre.
June 2008 - Message to a donor and details of upcoming Lodwar Mercy Centre opening.
May 2008 - Spanish Eye Surgeons, Anzac Day dawn service and the new Mercy Centre.
April 2008 - Blessed rain in Lodwar, then riots, bloodshed and looting.
March 2008 - Louise Bernard is a long time Australian friend of Bethany House and she visited Lodwar again in early 2008.
January 2008 - A letter and photos from Brit and Jan Hartmann in Germany about  computers and school uniforms for Lodwar.
August 2007 - Evangeline Munyi writes an overview of the VCP and includes some photos.
June 2007 - Good news regarding the success of the 'Vulnerable Children's Program' (the VCP).
July 2006 - A report from Sr. Yvonne Channells on the "Vulnerable Children's Program.
June 2006 - Sister Yvonne reviews the progress made during her five years in Kenya to date and the ongoing needs of the future.
January 2006 - Bishop Harrington's New Year's newsletter for parishioners in Lodwar Diocese.
December 2005 - Unexpected donations from new friends in Texas, welcome new manpower on the way from Australia, drought and famine prevails.
November 2004 - Good news from the Australian Embassy, watermelon luxury and the ongoing challenge of internet connections.
January 2004 - Sr. Yvonne writes a short chatty postcard about day to day life around Bethany House in Lodwar Kenya.
December 2003 - A Christmas newsletter from Sr. Bridie Canavan also brings chilling news about the murder of Sr. Anna Baraza gunned down in a hail of bullets by an unknown assailant.
November 2003 - An interview with Sister Yvonne Channells precariously conducted via unreliable email connections. She describes a typical day and outlines the problems in Turkana.
September 2002 - A postcard from Lodwar. The challenges and heartaches of Turkana are briefly described and discussed.
January 2002 - Sr. Yvonne writes a newsy letter to her Mercy Sister colleagues back in Australia. She describes her physical situation and the work being performed on behalf of the people in Turkana 




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