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Bethany House - a home for Lodwar missioners

Over 50 foreign missioners from many different countries are now working in Lodwar within the Turkana District of Kenya. The region is extremely poor, the conditions are hard and facilities are almost non existent. Climatic conditions are harsh with temperatures often going above 40 degrees celsius. You can view the climate and temperature in Lodwar if you simply click here.

Bethany House is not much to look at but it's home.
Finishing touches as the building nears completion

Purpose of Bethany House
Bethany House provides basic lodging, simple meals and meeting room facilities for many of the overseas missioners working in health, education and other ministries on behalf of the local residents of Lodwar and outlying districts.

The Bishop of Lodwar blesses Bethany House on
the day of the long awaited opening ceremony

How it came into being
Bethany House is partially sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy congregation in the Catholic Diocese of Lismore in NSW Australia. Sister Yvonne Channels volunteered to take up an administrative and managerial role in this important facility and has served in Lodwar since 2001. The project receives additional support from the Australian Government, various Australian institutions, community groups and individuals. To view a list of sponsors please
click here.

A simple celebration followed the opening ceremony

Daily hardships call for absolute dedication
It is almost impossible to comprehend the hardships and challenges facing missioners on a day to day basis. Food is often in extremely short supply, telephone services and electricity are often interrupted for long periods of time. Mail from outside Kenya needs to be sent on a "Registered" basis to have a reasonable chance of arrival. Travel to other towns is extremely difficult and often dangerous. Armed soldiers are needed to escort missioners on any journey to the capital Nairobi.

Joseph and Rachael prepare meals & simple refreshments
for residents and the numerous visitors to Bethany House

Exposure to service in Lodwar can be life threatening. At least one missioner has been murdered. The risk to health is ever present. Commonplace illnesses in more fortunate countries become life threatening illnesses in Lodwar because medical treatment facilities are absolutely minimal.

A huge need but you can help
The needs are so great that even small amounts of assistance can make a HUGE difference. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a donation or gift to aid this project please contact the Sisters of Mercy. Click
contact details.




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